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Corsair H110 seating and temps


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I installed this product a little over a week ago and am quite happy with it. Here are my current specs that are relevant to this post:


Asus P9X79

Intel 3820

Corsair H110

Corsair Dominator 2133 9-10-10-27-1T


I'm running the following settings in BIOS:


131bclk 125mhz cpu strap - 4.716GHz

DDR3 @ 2096MHz

vcore 1.260

vccsa 1.3

vttcpu 1.2

ram - 1.5 (stock voltage)

ht - disabled

all power management/turbo/eist/c-states are disabled

everything else is stock/auto


In Digi+ Power Control I have:


CPU load line - Ultra high

Cpu current capability - 140%

cpu voltage frequency - manual 450

cpu power duty control - extreme

cpu power phase control - manual ultra fast

everything else is stock/auto


during linpack with avx enabled in occt one core maxes out 76C and the others around 68 - 70. How are these temps? At the voltage specified above I was hoping for it to run cooler.


I tried reseating the cpu twice so far. On the second installation I cleaned the heatsink and cpu meticulously and used as5. I tinted both the heatsink and cpu. The temperatures were a little higher than with the stock thermal paste but I think they settled down over 24 hours to more or less the same.


The third time I couldn't be bothered going through the whole rigmarole of cleaning the hs and cpu so I just reseated the hs. By looking at the smudge pattern of the thermal grease, I could tell that there was excellent contact at the very middle of the cpu - a little circle (almost perfect) of around 3mm diameter. I'd say about a third of the top left of the ihs also had good contact but the opposite side was quite poor.


I'm guessing that the area that has poor contact has something to do with the core that runs a little hotter (up to 9 degrees at load). What can I do to reduce temps overall and that core more specifically? Should I try some different thermal paste? Does orienting the heatsink differently make a difference? If in orienting the heatsink differently, the tubes need to twist/bend a little more, will this result in higher temps?


Has anybody lapped their CPU and/or their H110? What kind of temp differences?

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Your always going to have one core higher than the other because it will be responsible for running any background services or software. Unless the programs are multi threaded one core will end up doing more work. What your seeing is normal. Overall case temp is far more important than individual core temps.
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Haven't tried 1.1 but I'm running a GTX 680 (not overclocked yet) - do you think 1.1 will be enough? I upped it to 1.2 after experiencing lockups with nvidia dlls during gameplay.


So in general - how are these temps with what others are experiencing?

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VTT is the memory controller for the CPU if im correct...PCH is video card devices but i dont think adding on a more powerful or more devices would make you need to increase...like mine runs fine at .860 for pch although i keep at .95 for the heck of it and default is 1.05...now VTT default for my mobo is 1.07...now why i said doesnt matter for the vtt voltage is your really not going to get any lower temps...oh and im thinking of the i7 chips so if your processor isnt an i7 then 1.1 might not work...
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