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Lighting Node - LEDs Don't Respond in Temperature Mode


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Please post here if you are experiencing issues with the LEDs connected to the Lighting Node not responding to temperature changes in Temperature Mode.



Today I decided to install my Corsair Link Cooling and Lighting Kit. I grouped the LED strips in the GPU group and selected the "Temperature Mode" because I want them to change colors as the GPU temp rises, but they don't seem to be responding to temperature changes in that group. I also tried them in the CPU group, but they are unresponsive to temperature change in that group as well. My H100i LED does respond to temperature changes, and I have had no issue with that.


The LEDs do work correctly in the Normal Mode and the Cycling Mode. Any thoughts on why the LED strips are not responding in the Temperature Mode?


Corsair Commander is version 2.0.6

Corsair Lighting Node is version 1.1.9


Do I have to update the firmware?



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Have you tried adjusting the temperature values?


Yes, I adjusted the temp values, but it won't respond to changing temps. I should note that if i switch to another mode and then back to temp mode, the LED changes based on the temp at that moment, but then it will not adjust after that.


As I was experimenting, I moved the H100i LED to the gpu temp group and the light stopped working. I was not able to recover any control over the H100i LED (no matter where I moved it to or what setting I had it on) until I closed Corsair Link and then started it again with my previously saved (and fully functioning) profile.

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The older versions do work though. I know the disk activity is annoying, but for me it was better than the BSOD that I was getting.


Just a theory on my BSOD... I think the memory leak corrupts the new software and causes a BSOD. I couldn't get past the login after the new software ran for a few days. I just gave up and went back to 2.2. At least that will stay up for me.

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I went back through this thread




and I tried to compile the information that related to the Lighting Node LEDs not responding to temperature settings.


If I missed any from this thread or other threads, please post them here.


I would like use this thread as a central repository for all of problems with the Lighting Node LEDs not responding to temperatures changes.


I'm sure many of you purchased the Lighting Node because of this feature, and maybe if we report all of the issues with this specific feature, Corsair will fix this sooner rather than later.



LED temperature colors are unresponsive when paired with the H100i cooler block. Cannot get a pure blue when the cooler is cold. Remains only a dull teal with an infrequent flickering of white. LED stays dull teal when it should be yellow with the temps I have set. Colors do go the full range in manual and cycling but temps are dead when paired with the H100i cooler block. Pair them with the CPU and they're responsive.





Running Windows 8 motherboard Asus maximus v formula 2600k H80 (not the i) none of my led's will change with temp all my temp reading are correct my GPU node seems to be working but led's will not change with temp

P.S. Just to add if I change profiles the led's will switch into the temp range the cpu of gpu is currently at but will not cycle through the ranges on its own.Meaning if I run the gpu up to 50c and switch profiles the colors will change to the color range selected for 50c but if i take the load off the gpu it will not go back down unless i again switch profiles.The same goes for the cpu.


Temperature colors on LEDs don't work reliably. They sometimes get stuck on a color and take a while to adjust to the temperature range.


Bootup issues: Noticing the LED strips don't always switch to programmed colors - about 50 % of time when starting system. Exiting & restarting Link software will fix issue sometimes, but may only fix one channel. Channels are set to temp on CPU & GPU. LEDs are red & blue during bootup, and are programmed to show as white at low temps; may or may not change when Link software loads.


Have also had custom fan profile do the same, will stay at high speed until stop & restart software, then kicks down to custom curve settings in profile.

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The H100i (plugged into a USB header) works just fine with the LED set to change with CPU Temp changes. So I don't doubt your H100i curve temp setup is working.


The lighting node LEDs on the other hand do not follow. I would have to open Corsair Link software and click a LED channel, modify the LED Mode to Normal or Cycling, then back to Temperature, before the color changes according to the CPU temp at that time, but doesn't change again once the CPU temp changes.

Or... select a different profile that also has the LED Mode to set to Temperature.


This goes the same for the PWM fans.


So the software works for the H100i but not the fans and LEDs. I really don't see how other software can interfere with just the fans and LEDs, but since the H100i is on a different USB header than the Link Commander of course it is all very well possible. And as you have mentioned, the possibilities are almost endless.


Please do post what we can check and modify in the registry. Hopefully I do find something that will help everyone then that would be great.


Just adding this one to the list.

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Same issue with me, leds dont respond to temp changes unless i manually change to "Normal" or "Cycling" then back to temperature.

I think it might be helpful if people stated which versions of Firmware and link software there using as i notice the beta Version 2.4.4948 states it fixes a few issues with regards to the leds. Ive yet to try it since installing the lightening node.


Commander 2.0.6

Cooling node 1.2.11

lighting node 1.1.9

link software 2.3.4816


my main probs are leds not working via temp changes and hdd ghosts on every reboot.


On a slightly different topic after reading the forum an all the threads with people having fan problems, would it not be a good idea for a sticky thread were people could list fan types that they have success with. Im sure it would be a great help to others in choosing fans. Assuming that it would be allowed. ;)


update: I installed the beta link software Version 2.4.4948 and it appears to have resolved this issue (at least for me) my leds now respond to cpu and video card temps changing as the temps do. Still have ghosting hdds on each reboot but hey cant have every thing. :)

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Same problem for the last few days, but not today for some reason. Found I could cure it by restarting the monitor task (sometimes the restart button in Link doesn't work, so kill the monitor process in task manager first, then restart)

Sometimes this fixed it immediately, other times have to go the LED properties, click cycling or normal then temperature and it starts working properly again.


Have the same problem with HDD ghosts, just have to delete them each day.


Running link 2.4.5065

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