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"Slim" fan alternative for H55 Cooler?


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Hey folks - my first post here.


I'm the current proud owner of a new system I've put together. I picked out the H55 cooler and upon attempting to assemble it, realized that the large Northbridge heatpipe on the ASRock 990FX Extreme4 wouldn't allow the fan to fit, by about 1/2" (about 12.5mm).


I've already assembled the AMD AM3 bracket for the H55, as well I've removed the stock paste (as I was planning on using Arctic Silver), but once I attempted to mount my mobo after putting in the H55, I realized I wouldn't be able to make it fit.


So my alternatives are to return the H55 (if I can, after assembling the bracket and scraping off the paste) and find a passive cooler, or to use the H55 with a thinner fan.


I know there are fans out there that are around 12mm that are high CFM, but I don't know if their static pressure is enough to really cool the H55's radiators.


I can't be the only one that this has happened to, no matter what Google tells me. What alternatives or suggestions are out there for the H55 cooler on a ASrock 990fx extreme4 mobo? (suggestions regarding "find a new mobo" won't be welcome, for the money it's a fantastic board)

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Both places where I've placed this question have given me the same response, to mount the fan outside the system. To be honest, I considered it but with the short screws included with the H55 I was concerned that it wouldn't work. Especially since I'd prefer to have a fan grill on that side of the fan.



I'll give it a go... mounting the rad inside the box and the fan on the other side, at the fan mount right beside the I/O board.

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