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Upgrade Voyager to newer, bigger capacity ?


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I've used the search function, found no similar threads. Sorry if this is a duplicate.


I am the proud owner :cool: of a Voyager 8Gb capacity USB stick, which was replaced when the old Voyager GT stoped functioning, thread here


My question is: the stick is working properly - (how) can I replace it with a newer capacity, hopefully a 32Gb Voyager GT? - considering the price which I paid for it(a 4GB GT to be more specific, approx. $55) back in 2007 is same as for a 32Gb Voyager GT USB3.0 now ?


Thank You in advance.


LE: I remember back in 2008, I had/have(hope so) Lifetime Warranty for the Stick. The same shop now offers 5 years warranty for today's sticks. If I exchange it, which warranty will be?

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