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Tried basic fixes, failed.


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TX750M is making a noise when new system is graphically taxed. GPU-Z and RealTemp show no issues with heat, even when the noise is present. Tabbing between windows, e.g. game and internet browser, stops noise instantly; when returning to game, noise generally resumes.


The noise in question seems to be similar to the one described in the "read me first" sticky in this forum. I am not sure what steps to take next. I have already tried two different graphics cards and have just added a new monitor to the system. I have been into the BIOS and tried different settings there. I have even brought the machine into a local shop, where, of course, it refused to reproduce said noise under identical conditions (though I was able to play the noise in question through a recording on my phone and simultaneously win "oddest customer of the day" in the local computer shop).


This is my first build, so I must say that I am not sure what "normal " noise for a PSU is, should, or can be. I admittedly have not paid much attention to this kind of issue with the previous computers I have owned, and the system I have replaced with this build was making horrible PSU fan noise at any rate, and is not, perhaps, a fair barometer of comparison.


TLDR: PSU noise. Newb try obvious fixes. Newb fail. Newb not know what to do.

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It's what is called "col whine" which for a PSU is not uncommon when the GPU is under load. However it should not be so loud that it can be heard over the rest of your system. If it is then i would have it replaced.


Your re-seller would be the first place to start if you can or still have time to return it. Or you can use the link on the left to request an RMA.


I would just be sure the noise is coming from the PSU. A Graphics card can make the same noise when under load too.

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