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Cannot Install Software or Update Firmware *Fixed


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Ok, so I have been trying to figure out for 7 hours now and after reading some threads and little tinkering I figured out a solution to my individual problem and didn't want any one else to have to do the same. So on to the fix...


So under devices for me it said I had the Corsair M65 gaming device but would not allow me to install the software or firmware update. These are the steps to fix this. (This works for M60 and M65)


  1. Install Firmware Software Updater
  2. Go to Device Manager and open the tab Human Interface Devices
  3. Find the USB Input Device that is your mouse (if you have multiple ones try disabling them 1 by 1 until your mouse will no longer work then re-enable it **mine was the last one)
  4. Right click the device and go to Properties > Update Driver > Browse My COmputer > Let me Pick > Have Disk > and browse to the driver

If you get "..the folder doesn't contain compatible blah blah blah" then Click dpinst.exe in that same driver directory and install it.

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