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SP 120 adapter/splitter


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I am looking for advice on what adapter/splitter I could use with the SP 120 fans.


I don't have enough fan headers on my motherboard and I am wishing to run two SP 120 fans off a molex connector. I found a Bitfenix adapter - 4-Pin Molex to Triple 3-Pin Fan Adapter - that might work but I am not 100% sure if I should go with the 12v or either the 5v or 7v.


I am not needing to use the voltage step-down adapter that came with the fans.


Any suggestions would be helpful.


In the USA so most retailers will work.


(Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H)

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Ok, I have tried the Bitfenix adapter - 4-Pin Molex to Triple 3-Pin Fan Adapter and the fans are very loud. Was to say it, sounds like the large workshop fans on high.


I have also tried a 3pin(F) to 2x 3pin(M) from Kingwin on the SYS_Fan 1(4pin) header and both fans are louder than just a single fan on the same header, not as loud as the molex adapter but still louder than single.


I have also tried the other two headed I have, SYS_Fan 2(3pin) and PWR_Fan(3pin) with the voltage step-down adapter and very very loud on those headers. Just as loud as the Molex adapter.


If I have to get a fan controller to be able to use both the fans then I will, but was wanting to avoid that since I have yet to need one in the 3 years I have had this computer.



The Sp120 fans I got are - CO-9050008-WW, the dual pack.

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Okay, some more testing and I figured out what the extra sound was, I have the fans mounted on the side intake slots on the Rosewill Challenger case, and while they are mounted the sound is there but not mounted no a problem.


I will try to use the AF Fans to see if the sound is the same.

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