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Hi guys,

This has probably been discussed so apologies, there is a sticky but thats first dated 2011.

I bought the h60 2/3 weeks ago, i also get the feeling it wasnt a newer version model, upon install i noticed the CPU Cooler(caps so no one misunderstands) was running at 4k rpm in bios. That seems high, very high to me, though to be honest i didnt know water coolers existed to 2 months ago. So not that wise on them.

So i went back to my retailer and i went on a forum i use, and asked the question, but everyone thought i was on about the fan and not the cooler running at 4K rpm. Retailer tested says it ok. But i have something niggling away to suggest something is not right. Its noisy certainly as noisy as stock heatsink fan. It does sound like a hdd spinning into action at times.

So when i clicked on the corsair forum link and clicked cooling and read this sticky


Im now thinking great, im getting somewhere as this has drove me mad.

Im sorry as yet i havent read all the thread, but come monday, im based in the uk, its back to retailer demanding a change of unit.

Thanks for reading and please leave me some positive advice.

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