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Power supply RMA (Package including)


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I tested it out, but there are still these crackling high pitched noises.

It is not that loud, but you can clearly hear it, if you listen to it.


The noise comes up, if the HDD is working.

For example if I start a virus scan!

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That doesn't worked.

I tried different ports.

Also I used the DVD drive power cable.

I also switched the graphics cards cable, with no result.

After the Windows start logo is gone, the noise starts.

Also when starting the virus scan.

So when the HDD is working.

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Thanks for your help.

If you like, I can show you the video, where you can hear it.


What is the meaning of "advanced RMA" in comparison to a normal RMA ?

Well one big problem is the high delivery fee to the netherlands.

For an insured package to 5kg, I would have to pay 17€. :(:

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I don't have a credit card. ::pirate::

The other problem is, that this is no solution for the high delivery fee's.

17€ for a package is not acceptable. :sigh!:

Under those conditions, I won't buy any other corsair products.

The long warranty is useless, if I have to pay tons of money to make use of it. :thinking:

You know what I mean?


If there is no other way, then I will sell the power supply as defective

and buy a new one from another company, because every company I know,

has a office in germany, too.


But thanks anyway.

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