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Shuddering on AX1200


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I recently picked up an AX1200 for my new build. It seems to be making a shuddering noise occassionally, both idling and under load.


It's not the whine that other users have described on the fans, and it's definetly not a mechanical clicking noise.


It's a shuddering, like some loose part on the PSU is causing issues.


So after a little diagnostic work, I've narrowed down the problem.


The shuddering is coming from the fan either;


1) Being incorrectly seated

2) Not meant to run "upside down"


I ran the PSU upside down that is, with the fan on the top rather than the bottom, and I had absolutely no shuddering whatsoever.


I mildly tightened the screws on both the PSU case itself and the fan. This seemed to solve the problem somewhat with only a very light shuddering rather than the heavy shuddering I was experiencing.


This works running the PSU downside up and upside down.


I've applied some thin anti-noise material between the PSU holder rails (I have a Obsidian 800D) and the case itself. This again helped somewhat, but still there is light shuddering.


All of these solutions *almost* eliminated all of the shuddering during idle, but once under load and the fan spinning up, it started to become audible again.


My conclusion thus far, has been that the shuddering is coming from the fact that the PSU is running downside up (fan on the bottom). Not much that I can do about this with my case barr modding it (800D) as the plate itself on the back will only accept the power supply running downside up.


Has anyone experienced this problem? It seems to be a constant issue with the PSU fans Corsair have been shipping recently, either whining, or clicking, or some other defect causing a bunch of headaches.

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There have been a few other users report the fan issue. If you can return it to your resellers for an exchange, that would be the best place to start.


If they can not or will not help you then please use the link on the left to request an RMA. If the unit is less than 30 days old Corsair may even pay for the shipping but that would be something you would need to discuss with them.

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