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Corsair M90 Problem


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Hi people,


I've been using my Corsair M90 for a few weeks for now and every time when I boot my computer the mouse is not recognized. I still continue to love this mouse, albeit the frustrating issues I have.


To temporarily solve this issue, I had to reconnect the mouse several times until the lights of the mouse were present. However, the cursor will not move. :confused:


To fix this (second) issue, I found a post where I could use another mouse to click the lift height. This finally gave me the function to use the mouse as awhole until I shut off my computer.




I've flashed my mouse already.


Any suggestions?

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I had the same issue for a few months. When I got to Windows my M90 wouldn't move for like 15 seconds and I'd get a Windows bubble bottom right telling me a USB device has failed, since the mouse was being weird I assumed it was that.


To a cut long story short, meanwhile I noticed my Corsair USB stick wasn't working too but since I wasn't using it I did nothing about it until I got a new keyboard last month, I took the USB stick out and put my new keyboard in it's place and got a BSOD, unplugged and rebooted, replugged and got BSOD again, I tried another USB port and no BSOD, put my USB stick in the same place and no BSOD and it started working.


I say turn off your PC, unplug all USB devices except your mouse, turn it on and see if your mouse works on it's own without replugs.


For the record I also get the mouse lift height killing my m90 if I set it to low, a replug would let me use the mouse again so I could adjust the lift height back to medium.

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Try your mouse in a different system to see if the intermittent detection repeats. Even if you shut down the PC, this should not be happening unless there was an issue with the USB port itself (which testing on a different machine can confirm).
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