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12 volt reading


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I have ax1200i in bios it says my 12v is at 11.792 in corsair link says 12.03. So I wanted to check it properly so I bought a thermaltake Dr power2 and its reading is 11.9 I think the Dr power 2 will be the correct reading as its better than using multimeter I think.

Question 1 should it really be this low as new I know it with in the limits so no chance of rma

Question 2 why does corsair link say 12.03 never goes below 12 Dr power say 11.9 should it not be the same in the link

Question 3 does the link software read from the same chip as bios reading


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1} All voltages have a 5% variance either up or down to be within spec.

So the 12v rail could be anywhere from 11.4 to 12.6 and still be within normal operating limits. YOUR 12v rail is near perfect and not anywhere near low....nothing to worry about.


2) as Synthohol pointed out nothing is more accurate than a multi-meter. Corsair has stated many times that the commercially available PSU testers can not be trusted with their PSU's because of the components used in them. NEVER trust software for voltage readings.


3) It should but im not 100% sure...But again software cant be trusted.


If you want true accurate readings use a meter and you can measure the 12v5v and 3.3v rails off of unused SATA,Mole and PCI connectors.

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