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Corsair Force GS 240GB - Bad performance (in ATTO Disk Bench.)


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Hi there,


no matter what magazine (or user) test I'm looking at that used ATTO Disk Benchmark, their write/read values are better then mine quite a lot I think.

I can see in general that: The lower the transfer size and the lower the queue depth, the higher is the difference between those tests and my values. I'm just able to hit their numbers on the highest transfer sizes, but the lower/middle sizes, I'm loosing not even close.


So, I'm worried that my SSD or something else is causing this behavior and hope to get some help here. Thank you for that in advance!


Here is a screenshot of ATTO Disk Benchmark from one of many tests out there:



Here are the results of my Benchmark:



As said, you can see that I loose obviously, the lower the transfer size (and queue depth) is... What is it?



Again, many thanks in advance,



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yours look perfect.


A difference of about 30% in not that few value comparisons seems not to be perfect for me, is it!? :[pouts:



The magazine tested their SSD as a non-system drive whereas you tested yours as the system drive. That could account for the speed difference.



Well, I still have a Windows installation on my HDD. If I would boot from that HDD and do the Benchmark with ATTO again (and AS SSD Benchmark as well, because there I just have 400MB/s while I usually see more than 500MB/s when googleing). What's then?

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