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Very NOISY FAN problem with HX1050


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First of all, pardon my English, I’m from Spain and don’t know the language. The problem I’m having with my PSU HX1050 Gold is that it makes a lot of noise as soon as the system has a light workload.


The noise is produced by the fan, then gets to work on many revolutions to, for example, just watch a video. The problem is even more intense when I launch any game. It is a process that is repeated at intervals of several minutes, sometimes it makes a terrible noise, sometimes it is silent for a while ... and so on. It is unbearable.


It’s the second PSU that I’ve bought from the shop where I bought the computer and I’m having the same problem.


Please I would really appreciate any help that you can offer me, I'm desperate and very frustrated at not being able to enjoy my silent PSU.


Any suggestions of IT?






PS: It´s the same problem described in this post:


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Hello again,


I already processed an RMA, the problem is that while I want to change my Corsair PSU model for another type (as already happened with another user), they refuse. So I want to know if that noise is normal or not. It's a great problem to disassemble the unit, send it and wait for the new one to have the same problem.


Peanutz94, I appreciate your concern, but I would like someone else to help me really.



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No, the noise is not normal. And when you RMA a PSU you can only RMA for the same model.


If you want to change model you would need to return it to your reseller for a refund and then get the model you want.


If you need more help or further answers it would be best to contact CS by phone. If you are overseas or out of the US you can make the call to the toll free number for nothing using SKYPE


When you calll in you can ask for an advanced replacement. This way you get a new PSU before you have to send in the old

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