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CMSO8GX3M2A1333C9 work on 800MHz?


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On a Mac mini server 2.66ghz that now have 1066MHz

I trye with 1333MHz (non corsair) and it don't power on...

Then no it would not work on that system. I believe your running into the same thing with your non-corsair modules. Most manufacturers have quit using the less dense memory chips that your system requires.

Basically you need modules that are made with 256mb IC's and anything Corsair is making would be from 512MB IC's. So your system would not be able to see them and why it's not powering up with the non-corsair modules. But you would face the same with the Corsair modules.


HOWEVER, I have seen instances where Corsair would have the correct modules in their warehouse , but not sold on the open market any more. You might wait for him to see what his take is on the situation.

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