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Gs600 - Ticketing noisy sound after fan stop


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Dear All,


I bought a gaming pc 1 month ago. While i'm not using it "harder" the pc is completely silent. When i start playing games i have the following issue.


The fun of the PSU goes for 5 sec then stop. After 15 sec restart for 5 sec and so on.


The "problem" is that while the fun is up i don't have noise. The noise starts when the fun stops. A ticketing noise similar to "floppy drives when writing data".


Probably since the case is well cooled the PSU fun stops immediately cause the temperature of the system is low, but this continous "go and stop" create this very unconfortable situation.


Can you help me on this issue? I would prefer that the fun would go continousely since when it is up the system is silent... is there a way i can set manually the rpm of the fun? Another solution?


Thx in advance for the help.


Andrea from Italy




the problem is perfectly reproduced by this video:


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