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PWM duty cycle under 40%? / fans under 600 RPM


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is it possible to sett the PWM duty cycle under 40%? i can't in LINK2


also, is it possible to get the fans to run on less than 600 rpm?


CorsairLINK 2.3.4816

Commander FW 2.0.6

cooling node FW 1.1.12 (can't update the FW in LINK 2)


edit: the fans i have connected goes down to 400 rpm, and the specs for PWM dictates that 20 % duty cycle is the lowest defined

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So thats how i update the firmware on the cooling node.


after the update the fixed rpm mode does indeed lower the rpm below 600 rpm, so nice one


after doing some thinking and comparing i came to the conclution that the fixed (rpm) and custom curve option actually lower the PWM down to minimum 20 % duty cycle, but after the update it goes lower (this i can say because my PWM controlled pump has a RPM at 1500, witch was the lowest before the 1.2.5 coling node FW, but now it goes down to 1300 RPM, witch is the same as 0 to 15 % PWM)


the limit for fixed PWM at 40 % is obviously in the LINK2 program, should not bee difficult to change.


Edit: after a few restarts the only thing capable of lowering the fan speed below max is to use fixed (%)...

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