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Just bought a Neutron 120


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I have just purchased a Neutron 120, which has been manufacturer refurbished, for $110 and when I compared that to the normal prices I would have had to pay, was at least $40 less.


I live in the UK so our prices are generally somewhat higher than what one pays in the US. That being said I have found the price differential for many things narrowing over the past couple of years.


I only became a member of this forum today, however I have been a computer techie for the past 30 years - on the bleeding edge all the way.


I became a member because I was looking at this forum with a view to building up a second PC as a media server for myself and want to go with stuff from Corsair that I already use and really appreciate - PSU, RAM, Water Cooler - and have had in my main system now for two years and have had no hassle whatsoever. OK I upgraded the 6*2GB XMS RAM to 6*4GB XMS RAM but the other two have been in the system for a couple of years. My computer runs 24/7 just FYI.


Anyway with regard to my decision to buy the Neutron SSD as opposed to something else was:

1) Reviews

2) Reading posts about it generally

3) Reading posts on this forum about it


Reviews have to be taken with some grains of salt as you all know, but the clincher for me was how few posts there were out there on ye olde InterTubes whining and whinging about it and it has been out for a fair while now.


That is an absolute clincher for me the fact that the opinions online are InterGet rather than InterNyet.


When I have it and have it installed I'll post my opinions with regard to it and if it performs as well as I hope it will I might even bung it in my main rig and take out the 120GB SSD I use in it presently (however I am a firm believer in "Never touch a running system").

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