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the beige/white 800/900d


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So when is the beige/white 800/900d coming out? I want one. or white with black trim?





I like it I want one everybody does black these days.


and I really want the beige one to so I can make a dos box windows 98/windows xp PC that looks like my old gateway and packard bell compaq pcs.


I believe the beige one was an April Fools day thing (but I assume you know that :) ). I think George has mentioned that it is only in black atm.

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I want it anyway.


and one that looks like a NES/SNES or commadore 64 or something the retro market would be hot.


Or the SGI workstations from the 90s.















they was in jurassic park too.

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Too much work to get the factory panited and or glossy car finish right and sometimes you have to go to powdercoat. I don't have time for that anymore.



the beige one looks like the screen savers ultimate gaming pc case from the 90's/ early 2000's.








and really if they made a case that looks like the SGI workstation ones I would so buy 3 of them or the late 90s sony vaio pcs.

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