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Corsair White 600t Fan & USB 3.0 Issue


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I have had my 600t for just under two years from OCUK (and thus should still be under warranty).


I have run into two issues while owning the case. The first is that the USB 3.0 port on the front panel has been damaged. This happened a fairly long time ago but I felt it was too minor an issue to bother doing anything about. Basically one day when I removed a usb memory stick from the port the blue piece of plastic inside the case's port came out with it. The port still functions but has become unreliable, presumably due to connections not lining up properly. It is probably worth noting that the port hadn't been hit prior to this happening, it just seemed to pull out after normal use.


The more important issue is with the fans, or rather I suspect the case fan controller. This issue has been developing over time. When I first got the case the fan controller did not seem to make a great deal of difference to the speed of the fans. Over time the fans stopped spinning up at all if I left the controller on the minimum setting. For the last few months all the fans would die until I repeatedly turned the controller up to max. Now all the fans are off and the controller is having no effect.


Is there anything I can do to attempt to fix or diagnose the issue on my end? I cannot mess with the insides today as I am traveling home from university tomorrow but will be able to do so afterwards.


I have RMA'd a corsair headset before which involved having to pay to mail it out to mainland Europe. As a student I really can't afford do the same with something this large so unless packaging is paid for or it is decided that I don't need to mail the case, RMA is out of the question.

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