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What firmware update should I use?


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I bought a gaming computer a couple of years ago with a Corsair SSD drive. After about a year I decided to do a windows reinstall and afterwards I started getting all sorts of problems. I finally figured that my SSD was the problem. I thought it was broken, so I installed everything on my HDD and went on with my life. For the last year though the SSD has kept appearing and disappearing on my windows harddrive list, at random, and I started thinking that maybe the SSD wasn't broken after all.


Today I finally had the energy to google the problem. My basic understanding is that the problem might be due to some wrong allocation of power, or something of the sorts, and that a firmware update could possibly fix it. I read the forum threads here about updating, and it all seems easy enough. But since I really don't know what I am doing I wanted to double check with this forum to see that I am doing the right thing, and that I am installing the correct firmware.


I figured I should enable AHCI in windows and BIOS and install the sandforce 5.03 firmware, but I am not 100% sure if it's the right one. This is the specification given for my SSD by the company I bought my computer from:


Corsair SSD Force Series# F80A, 80GB

SATA2, 2,5", 285MB/275MB/s read/write, incl 2,5" to

3,5" bracket


And this is my motherboard:


MSI P67A-GD65 B3, Socket-1155

ATX, P67, DDR3, 2xPCIe(2.0)x16, SLI/CFX, SATA

6Gb/s, USB3.0, eSATA, FW, THX, EFI


Thank you very much if anyone takes the time to answer.

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