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H60 Temps


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Hi, I'm new to Closed Loop Systems and I think I'm doing something wrong basically my temps for i5 3470 are around 40C at Idle and 60C ~ 65C at Load my Room Temp is 32C.


I'm wondering why the temps are higher than my Old Air Cooler where my Idles are 32C to 35C and load at 55C.


Things I've done:


Reseated the CPU Block

Changed Thermal Compound

Used only a pea sized amount placed in the middle

Added another SP120 for Push-Pull Config



After all these changes Im expecting at least 2C Less from my previous temps but still its the same



Now, Am I expecting to much from H60 or this is just normal? I mean water should be better than Air Cooling at some point. Someone enlighten me :D


Update: I noticed 3C less on my idle and 6C to my load temps - I assume this is the break in of the thermal compound

Note: I used RealTemp to conduct the tests

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you can use a dozen programs and get a dozen different readings.your idle temps could be a bit lower but their still not that bad.see what other programs show

at idle water is no better than air but on hard loads water does much better.

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The problem is probably that the capacitors which surround the CPU are not properly ventilated and contributing to the reading you are getting with regard to your CPU temperature.


One easy way to check this is just open the case and use a normal fan to blow air over the capacitors and see if that affects the CPU temperature reading you get. If it does then find a way to get some airflow over this region.


The capacitors can get really hot and although they will burst (with a loud "crack") at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius without cooling they will easily go north of 100 degrees Celsius up to and including their heatdeath temperature. If you have 24 of these arranged around your CPU is it any wonder that they would tend to skew any temperature readings?


This is one of the things that bugs me no end when I see so-called "reviews" of the H60 or other Corsair water coolers when they have it installed and no airflow over the capacitors and then whine that the Corsair water cooler doesn't do so well in the temperature readings compared to their personal water cooling solutions - of course theirs is measured when there is airflow transporting heat away from the capacitors.


One of the things I hate about non water CPU coolers is that many of them are so large that they cover up the capacitors and effectively insulate them, and the premature death of your mobo is pretty much guaranteed.

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