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Question about Carbide 400R case


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Hello There in Corsair support land;


I am contemplating buying a Carbide 400R case to replace my aging xclio windtunnel.


I have two questions:

a) Will my components fit in the Carbide 400R?



b) Should mount my HX750 PSU in the 400R with the fan facing up or down?



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I plan to buy a 400r case but ask a question which I believe the answer is obvious. But I want to confirm, anyway.


Question: Can I replace the front fans with fans of my choice by simply cutting the wires to the 400r controller and hook my fans up to the motherboard, PSU or fan controller (whichever I choose to do) with no problem? I'm not worrier about the LED switch nor about the "dangling" cut wires.

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You should be able to disconnect the front panel fans from the fan controller instead of cutting the wires. I think the front panel fan controller only works the best on the stock fans, but i'm not 100% sure.


As for the fans yes, you can power them via a fan header on the motherboard or by using a 3-pin to molex adapter.

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