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ever have a pc suddenly shut off and have no blue screens?

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checked my wiring all seems good, btw the rig is still fully functional, its this anti surge thing that my mobo uses, turning the pc off, says at post it shut it off, detected surge in PSU



using ax1200i


with asus z77 v pro mobo, Corsair Dominator platinum 8gb x4 (32gb ram) with i7 3770k cpu, 2 SSD's and 1 HDD with switch 810 case and kraken x40 liquid cooler

i have checked temperatures with aida 64 and ran cpu benchmark on prime95 for 20 minutes with no hiccups or shutdowns


5 times so far this mobo tripped the anti surge, shutting the pc off while pc was used just for surfing

6th time it shutoff while gaming


temperatures are low 40's for gpu and low 30's for cpu at idle, then 10 degrees more on load, more or less


i have checked the plug in my room to make everything is fine, there is no apparent power outage in the room or anything so its definitely something to do with the pc



is there any other way i can test the system or the power supply to make sure all is well?


or should i rma?


im not sure what to list for the rma as i have not determined if it is the psu

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I am sorry it took so long to reply but I would check the connections to the MB from the PSU by removing them and checking the pins and connectors for burn or scoring marks and make sure they are plugged in properly. Also if you are using a battery back up or APC remove it from the system to help test but if the problem continues then please use the link on the left and request an RMA on the PSU. However if the issue continues I would suggest having the MB checked and or replaced.
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np thanks for reply


i have updated the bios just now and i took it off the apc, asus informed me to try update the bios and clear cmos so yea

i will leave the system on for the next few hours, it usually shuts off after 2 hours or so i found

i have also checked for any burns of scoring marks, i see none and everything is plugged in properly


anway thanks again will keep things posted



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i chased the same type of problem for like 2 weeks and it ended up being a weak connection on my power strip.by the time i touched the cord end,the power was back.


my powerbar was not that sensitive but i didnt want to take any chances so ive replaced the apc

after i updated the bios

not sure if it was the mobo or the apc



left my pc on for almost 8 hours yesterday and about 6 hours today

the first day without any monitoring programs and today with multiple


no hiccups or shutdowns so far so good:D:

she would usually crash after about 2 hours more or less when idle so yea

i suppose i could run a prime95 test soon and see what happens after some hours

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Before you do that I would suggest removing the APC and try it with out any sort of APC or battery back up.



well i already requested rma, i did swap the apc with a new one though

ill take the system off the apc and leave the system on and see if it shuts off

ill cancel the rma


also, i do have 4 8gb corsair dominator platinum CMD16GX3M2A1866C9

will test the ram out later when i have time, it will be through memory86+

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