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Vengeance 2000 issue


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Hi! Little conundrum. First let me say that this headset has been working flawlessly for me since the fall; no issues with sound, the microphone, or cracked plastic.


This morning, the sound suddenly cut out, the USB dongle is flashing, and I cannot seem to re-pair the headset to it. The last week or so when I have turned it on, Windows has given me a message saying that a device is unrecognized (though it was still functioning).


I have in no particular order: tried the dongle in different USB ports, made sure the headset is charging properly (no solid amber, flashing as it should be), updated the drivers, attempted re-pairing manually, etc.


When I hold the power button, regardless of whether I'm trying to pair it or simply turn it on, it sits solid blue for a few seconds, and then turns off. If I hold it down longer, it just repeats that process endlessly: solid blue, off, solid blue, off. It is currently green and fully charged, sadly I can't even turn it on properly to try a full discharge of the battery. Any help would be appreciated!

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There are no conflicts in device manager; as I said, when i plug the headset in itself to charge, it's as if Windows is trying to detect it as a device. That started happening about a week before it gave out.


Yeah, I've tried it across three different computers as well as on Windows 7, XP, OSX and Ubuntu just to make certain.

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