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Tx 650 V2 making buzzing sound while playing heavy games.


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As the title says it is doing this.Should i be worried.Sound can be heard when i bring my ear near my case.The sound doesn't annoys me since i wear headset while playing.But is this an indication my PSU is going bad?I heard similar sound when i first bought the psu.Then it went away on its own.But it happening again now.


Can some corsair guy plz help?


Gtx 670


I5 3550 3.7ghz

8gb 1600mhz

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It's called "coil whine" and while not dangerous to your PSU or system it's not uncommon for any PSU to emit coil whine while under heavy GPU loads. You might even want to see if the sound is coming from your GPU. They will do the same thing sometimes.
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Yeah, you can stop worrying. It's not going to damage anything.


Your volatge is well withing spec. nearly perfect. They have a +/-5% tolerance either up or down for all three rails.

For Ex 12v is safe from 11.4-12.6


5v rail is 4.75v to 5.25v

3.3v rail would be 3.135v to 3.465v

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