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Corsair gs800 2013 edition question


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Hey everyone, new to this forum, please forgive me if this is in the wrong section.


This week I will be receiving the parts for my new PC build, containing a Corsair GS800 2013 edition psu. It's a black and red build and I'd like the trim on the psu to be red aswell, but after literally an hour + of searching all I'm seeing is: "The color ring accessory pack, available separately, lets you match your GS Series PSU's accent color to your system's look."


Great, but where can I get this? I'd be willing to get the red one to match the build but I can't find it anywhere! Is it even available in the Netherlands? (live there, would be neat.)


Cheers and thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the reply. Wouldn't it be more useful to have the corsair page say that stuff is yet to come? All other sites just copied this info so it led me to believe it was avaiable, since even ghe corsair page said so.


Ahwell, nothing to be done but wait, thanks for the info.

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