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HELP - How to Corsair SSD in Macbook?

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Hello I have a Performance Pro Series 256GB gathering dust and my silly girl bought a used 17'' macbook with a core2 duo... I don't know anything about macs but the laptop is extremely slow. I think it is because of the harddrive (some crappy 160GB HDD from the stone age) so I am wondering if I can use my 'Performance Pro Series 256GB' in her laptop (if it has SATA)? She is coming over with it tomorrow so...



So, does Corsair SSDs support Apple OS X?



If so how should I clear/reformat my SSD before putting on OS X Lion...



And will enabling AHCI give the SSD TRIM support on Apple?



If you can only answer one question please go ahead. Some feedback is better than non.




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I cant remember, but i don't believe it's possible to use SSD's in the older C2D machines.


It may be best to stick to a platter drive for that. I know there is a "hybrid" drive available that uses both a spinning platter with a NAND flash cache that may be a much better choice.


The older C2D machines use SATA I interface and SSD's are only backwards compatible to SATA II standards.

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