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V2000 5.1/7.1 not working


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Hello! :) Finally upgraded from 1500 to 2000, wanted less cables hanging around making a mess. However, even with the latest driver I am not able to use anything else than 2.0 Speakers.


Or am I just being stupid? What ever source type I choose the "now playing" will say 2.0 stereo. Won't that mean that I in reality will always have 2.0 in all games and movies, and never any surround at all? Is it just a logic-fail from me?


EDIT: Seems like I do get 5.1 in BF3, and 7.1 in rFactor 2 as I should. However using dolbys sound tests, and looking at the Control Panel, I only have 2 working speakers. So, can I call it partially working then...

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