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H60 High pitch hissing/whining?


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So I decided to stick in my H60 this afternoon and everything was going great at first. Ran benchmarks for a few hours and everything appeared to be running flawlessly with nice temperatures.


Then I go to boot up a game, and this hissing/hitch pitched whining noise comes from nowhere. When scrolling up and down the game menu, this hissing noise changes its pitch.


Does anyone have any idea what's wrong? It seems to be coming from the pump (I unplugged the fan and the noise was still there).


This is starting to get really disheartening... Already have an RMA with Corsair in progress and not really looking forward to going through this all again...

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Update: Wow!!! So after testing it out on another computer and still having the whine, I decided to put the stock cooler back on and running S.T.A.L.K.E.R again - the horrifying whining noise came back. So it wasn't the pump after all, it was the actual video card. Oddly enough, I decided to try loading up a few different games and the whine wasn't there at all. It appears to only come when booting up and running S.T.A.L.K.E.R (decided to try a new game out to test out the card yesterday... which is why I never heard that noise before). So this was all a very odd coincidence... and explains why that sound wasn't around while running FurMark yesterday.


So, you guys can go ahead and close this as the "mystery" is now solved. By the way, temps are amazing on this thing! 22-25C on idle, and ~51C under load. Definitely worth the $50 from NewEgg if you can get the refurb one.


Well I'll be damned, figured out how to get rid of the whining noise altogether which would happen at extremely high frame rates (hence why it happened on Stalker but nothing else I had). Download EVGA Precision X and limit the FPS to whatever your monitor's frame rate is, and voila.

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