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Weird issue with degraded SATA connector on Force 120 SSD

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I have a Corsair Force 120 SSD, model number CSSD-F120GB2. It was purchased approximately two years ago. Until recently it had been installed in the same bay in my computer, until I got some new hard drives and had to swap it to another bay. Upon removing the SATA data connector from the drive, the plastic from the connector "flaked" off. I can't describe it any better than that. A chunk of the connector remained stuck/plugged in to the SATA cable, and little pieces of the connector fell into the bay. Lucjily, since the pins were undamaged and the majority of the connector was still plugged into the now removed SATA data cable, I was able to rig it such that the connection is still good to run it, but I know it is just a matter of time before it is dead.


I was wondering if this type of thing is covered under warranty. Or even if it isn't covered under warranty if it can be repaired for a minimal fee. There is nothing wrong with the physical drive itself....still runs like brand new.


Thank you in advance.

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