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help with h80i install


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OK...maybe im pre caffeine ( working on that now!) but...


Im trying to build my new rig....


c70 case with h80i on an ASrock z77 extreme 6 MB


1. Can some post/point to pix/video showing how to mount fan>radiator >fan better than instructions : INSTAL RADIATOR ? like close up of screws what goes where?


2. I'm thinking mounting it on back of case just above card slots.. thoughts?


3. given above... have it A) pull cool air in or B) push hot air out? And how do i know which way is which on fans before i build the system & power up?


4. have 2 pack of the sp120 fans...should i

a) put them on top to exhaust hot air out top of case thru vents

b) Replace the existing fans on the hard drive cage with sp120s?


5. Anything else?



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ok sorry if you got excited that someone replied for help i honostly cant help you but i remember that the instructions were not clear...AT ALL im talking to you RAM GUY fix the instructions :)


i can help you with the b question... i recommand pulling the hot air in...it will make the cpu about 5-15C cooler but will make the inside of the case warmer too...


sorry iv been up over 24 hours lol...i probably sound kinda weird


edit: im going for 40 :P iv done it MULTIPLE times so should be easy...im wide awake right now

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lol I know the feeling....


but did u mean i should PULL outside air into case across raditor?


Or PUSH the case air over radiator adn out back of case?


and u think that spot on back of case good? or use one of the 2x120 on top of case?


Thanx...im pumped already about this new ssytem...first new build in like 6 years

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ideally you should have one fan pulling the air toward the case and the other one pushing the air inside the case...although you really only need 1 fan but id recommend just using both...but yes push cold air through the radiator
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