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AX860i with LINK problems


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For some days, I've been annoyed by this problem.

I've put my PSU on active cooling, 45%, dosen't sound that much, but the semi-passive cooling is kind of a waste for me, due to SLI. Just surfing makes the PSU hit the limit and the fan starts.. And the funny thing is. When it starts it ramps up to max RPM then goes down, and the sound is really really annoying.


So I've put it to 45%, and it goes up a bit when it's needed. I was happy, until I came upon this problem. Sometimes LINK just stops working. I mean, no crashes or anything, I can still open LINK, check temps ect. But if I want to change the fan speed of my PSU... It' dosen't work anymore, and it's stuck on 880RPM, tho I hear it somtimes ramp up, Like my Profile ain't working anymore.


I then restart the computer to get a clean signal with LINK.


Is it something wrong with my USB dongle, or is this Driver related... Really pissing me off :/

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