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got my h80i replacement fans... but...


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Well, nevermind. Just like last time I posted here, no responses and no help. Ended up taking everything off and replugging everything in swapping fans and downloading from a different website. Pretty disappointed
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impatient a bit arent we?

give time for your post to be seen,,he is in the bathroom;):

look below to the zip file and it is there

or here



It is what it is, but when you see threads posted afterwards being bumped by people who work for corsair, especially after what has already happened with being patient, they're non existent.


I was already in a bad mood when I found out after waiting for 3-4 days that nobody processed my replacement order then when I got my new fans one wasn't working. Then to top it off when I finally got the other fan working and recognized in corsairlink, the firmware wouldn't allow a download I bounced a bit.


It is what it is, but I'm glad at least the over the phone tech/customer service is reliable. imo they should just drop the online process

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