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Tickets #5728003 and #6000676


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I originally made ticket #5728003 to request an RMA for my H100i, in which the LEDs have failed. Once accepted I rang customer support, who informed me that they no longer process advance replacements over the phone and I should use the new Corsair Support system. I thought this was reasonable, so off I went.


I created a new ticket on this new system, ticket #6000676. I waited for a while and got a reply. Only, the reply was telling me that I should contact support via the phone line in order to process an advance replacement.


The issue here is that I have been told two, completely conflicting instructions to solve the same problem. I really don't fancy sitting on the phone on hold for another 10 minutes only to be referred back to the website.


What do I need to do to get an advance replacement sorted for my H100i?



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I think I am missing something with this support system.


If I select my problem type as "my product has missing or damaged parts" I only get the "accessory replacement" option on the RMA type select page. Replacement or Express Replacement are both unavailable.


If I select "my issue is not listed" my request gets redirected to "ask a question" rather than "request" RMA.

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As stated in the last message to you from our customer service you will want to call them by phone to work this out. The Number is listed under contact on the main site and you can call the toll free number using SKYPE if you are out side the USA.
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