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When can I expect slow SSD performance


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I have tried searching this forum to find out specifics on WHEN the "slowdown" lots of people are experiencing starts happening, but have not been able to get details.


I realize it depends how much data is written and how often, but I have moved most of my "writing" to a HD. But of course not all.


Can someone please give me some idea of when this problem start to happen to the point where it gets to be a problem?


Is it 6 month, a year, etc?

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With the Force based SSDs, you will see a small slowdown after the drive switches on it's garbage collection. (typically after you write the equivalent of the drive's size after each secure erase)


You might also eventually experience slowness if you leave the drive more than 80% full on a consistent basis.


But otherwise, there should never be any major slowdowns on the force based SSDs. I've personally tested this, writing close to 1PiB (1024 TiB) to a sandforce based drive during an endurance test before the drive eventually failed. There were no slowdowns apart from the initial garbage collection switchover as documented above.

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