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[vengeance-2000] Buzzing sound on left speaker


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Hello all, i just got my vengeance-2000 headset, and i fully charged it before using it. I hear a faint buzzing sound coming out of the right speaker.


You can only hear it when nothing is playing.


The strange thing is, i just got rid of my a50 headsset because of a beeping sound on the right speaker.


Now with the vengeance-2000 i get a buzzing sound. (i'm very unlucky.)

Also, how can i enable 7.1? only 2 speakers are activated...

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buzzing/humming sound on the Vengeance 2000


I have the exact same problem, Windows 7 PC, newest drivers. There is a noticable buzzing/humming sound that activates when f.ex. I start a youtube video. When I pause the video, the buzzing goes away after like 10 sec.

When I play games, like League of Legends / wow the buzzing is constant (since there is always sound coming from the application)

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