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1500/2000 Equalizer You Use?


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Hello Guys using the new Drivers and I now looking at the new EQ settings audiophile 1 and 2 and Movie

On the old Drivers I was using FPS and still am but after using audiophile 1 and 2 for little bit on BF3 I not sure what to use lol


The only really change I notice out of

audiophile 1

audiophile 2


and Movie


Is Movie it much lower in the sound the other three I notice no change? just me?


What you guys using and why?



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I'm using my own Profile where i have dampened all frequencies -12dB to tone down all the white noise that is driving me crazy. With the default profiles i have some nasty white noise going on i have no choice but to use dampened profile. Apparently damping all frenquencies by -10 to -15 dB and upping the volume muffles the white noise.
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