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using Padlock 2 on different computers


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Hi there,


I'm experiencing some problems with my Padlock 2 16GB:

I unlocked the drive permanently and formatted the drive using the tool from sdcard.org. The drive works fine on that computer. Now, when I plug the drive into a different computer, that computer tells me to format the drive (it is still unlocked though).

The same applies vice versa: If I format the drive on computer B and go back to computer A then computer A tells me to format the drive.


I've tried different computers and different operating systems (Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux). The drive will only work on the computer that formatted the drive.


Any ideas?




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We've been having similar problems with 16GB Padlock 2 drives.


If they are formated on a Windows PC, they can be read on any other Windows PC. Take the drive to a Linux or Mac PC, and they appear unformatted.


Format it on a Mac or Linux PC, and it can be read on any Mac or Linux PC, but when plugged into a Windows PC, it appears unformatted.

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