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Originally I was going to post this in the sticky of the new Dolby Digital drivers of the 2000. But it was rather lengthy. *shrug*


My current setup of; X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion, Logitech Z-5500's, has served me well. However, due to new size and noise limitations... I have had to downgrade to 2.1, which is fine for most everyday tasks. Once you go surround, you don't go back! So after searching a while, I settled on the Vengeance 2000's to try and carryout my surround engulfing needs, while being able to maintain a noise level appropriate to ME. :headbang:


Ordered a pair from newegg, gets here 3/18. They sit on my desk for 3 days. Then, i finaly get a chance to install and play with them.


Installed drivers.

Inserted dongle.

Pulled up Headset Control Panel, set 5.1. (as that's what i'm 'calibrated' to)

Dove into (Win 7 64 Pro) Sound in the Control Panel, set 5.1, full range, made default device.

Loaded up some test audio.... Sounds like freaking garbage.


Tried several things, to no avail. Got on here checked the forums, noticed many people have sound issues, though most are from improperly set 'settings' sans the RMA ones. Read about newer DD driver set coming out at some point, so I figured i would wait a bit and check on development later. Today i check, only to my surprise, new drivers are available. I rejoice and download!


I quickly uninstall the current set, reboot.

Manual check for drivers removed, install new DD set, reboot.

Load up some test audio, OMFG... Either my ears can't be deceived by 'virtualizing' software, i'm going deaf, or i was on crack in a back-alley somewhere assuming i was listening to audio through rejected tunafish cans!!! :confused::mad:


Do i hear audio, yes. But it sounds like garbage-can talk, and it's in mono. I'll say that again. It's in MONO. There is no channel distinguishable from another, in any sound check, or test sound played. No matter the format, however 2.0 'almost' sounds like stereo. ALMOST, isn't going to cut it at this price point. ...oh, and if these things are capable of creating bass - I've yet to hear any. :thinking:


I have reinstalled many times, reseated the dongle in different ports (2.0 and 3.0), tried re-pairing the device (pointless), verified proper settings in both control panels. Tried several computers.


Two odd things.

1) Even though i set audio up as 5.1 in both control panels, Corsair's CP always tells me i'm hearing audio in 7.1.

2) Windows speaker properties for the Corsair, under Advanced tab, only gives me two options for Default Format, 16bit-44100 and 16bit-48000... is this normal, 16bit only?!?


Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




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1. If you have the big power button enabled it automatically sets the output on 7.1.

2. Those are indeed the only available outputs with those new drivers.


I'm not happy with the new driver either. I've installed the previous driver because this one is indeed garbage. Here a complete list of my complaints:


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