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H80i says 30'c but CPU showing 60+??

Andrew LB

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I just swapped out my old H60 for the new H80i and so far am not pleased. First of all, my temps seem to be quite a bit higher, where the H60 would see idle temps in the low 40's and peaks around 70. This H80i is idling in the low 50's and peaking at 80+. I've reconfigured the fans to run off the motherboard, and made sure i don't have any bios controlled fan speed enabled, and still no luck.


Also, in CorsairLINK 2, my H80i temp stays around 30'c while my CPU temp is MUCH higher. Actually, i don't beleive my H80i temp moves much at all, staying about 2'c from 30 at the most.


The pump seems to be working at around 2232rpm, so that's ok.


The only thing I can think of is that the waterblock is not seated properly on the CPU, which I know would cause horrible temps. Is there anything else I should attempt to remedy before trying my H60 again?


System specs:

Intel i7 860 @ 4.0ghz w/Corsair Hydro H80

Asus P7P55D-Deluxe

PNY GTX 680 2gb

16gb Corsair Vengeance @ 1800mhz (4x4096)

180gb Corsair Force GT SSD

2x Western Digital 150gb 32mb "Raptor" 10k SATA RAID-0

2x WD 64mb 1tb SATA2 RAID-1

X-FI Titanium HD Pro Audio

Corsair 600T Special Edition White Case

Corsair HX 1,000w PSU

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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When I removed the waterblock just now, I discovered it was not seated properly and only about 30% made enough contact to transfer some Arctic Silver 5. Now that it's seated the proper way, my CPU now idles at 38'c and is in the high 50's full load. I'm only using one of the two included fans though because one of them was making a horrible noise. Guess i'll be sending it in soon.
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I'll do that next week when I have time. In the meanwhile, I'm going to install a single Panaflo 120 x 120 x 38mm FBA12G12U1BX fan which is 2700rpm and 114cfm 45dBA and see how this cooler performs with a much higher amount of air passing through it. I've also got a few others to try like an Scythe S-Flex SFF21G @ 1900rpm 75cfm 35dBA, Cougar CF-V12HPB @ 1500rpm 70cfm 17dBA, and a Panaflo FBA12G12M1BX 2100rpm 86cfm 35dBA.


Just plugging them into a 12v power supply shows how incredibly misleading many advertised noise levels are. I guess this is all subjective to the method each company uses for their tests, but it would be nice if everyone used some sort of standard. There are some good apps for my iPhone 5 to test sound levels but I'd like to use a higher quality microphone to be sure of any results i may post.


here are examples of noise levels http://www.sengpielaudio.com/TableOfSoundPressureLevels.htm

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