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Odd Fan Spool Up


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Hi Guys:


New to the forum. Tried search and can't find anything on this particular problem so here goes...


I have a Corsair HX1050 PSU. Everything has been working great until the last couple of days when my PSU spins up intermittently for no reason while idle. The fan will spool up to max power for about 2-3 seconds and subside. This happens maybe 3-4 times an hour for no reason. I am paranoid about my system being cool and the internal temps via AiSuite and HWMonitor never go above 40 degrees.


What I do notice when the PSU spools up at these idle temps the air being exhausted is pretty warm. A lot warmer than the ambient temp in the case.


Not sure if the PSU is on it's way out as it spools up well for games and slows down effectively after I stop playing.


Your help would be greatly appreciated!



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That sounds normal. The fan in your PSU is PWM controlled which will run when under certain amount of load and when the components inside gets hot. The back part of the PSU is exhaust, so it is normal that it will blow out hot air because the internal parts are getting hot.
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