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Cm 690 II Advanced, Asus P8p67 pro not compatible with Corsair H80?.. Please Help!


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Hi yesterday I purchased Corsair H80 and I today when I tried to install Corsair H80 I am not able to!. Behind the motherboard, to which I should fix the spider like attachment given by corsair, I am not able to do that. Out of 4 Holes, Only 2 holes of motherboard Is visible behind the cabinet and 2 holes are hiding behind the cabinet! and also the distance between the motherboard and the sheet is very thin.. If I take out the motherboard and install the cooler and reattach it in the cabinet, The spider like attachment is touching the sheet of the cabinet.. Is it a non-conductor of electricity?.. Will it do any harm if I attach this way?.. Please help me out guys...




My Cabinet







This is that Spider like attachment I am talking about




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You have 2 options.


1. Use some sort of insulator between the back plate and the case. You could wrap it in a thin layer of electrical tape. There are plenty of ways to do it.


2. Cut the back of your case to allow the back plate to fit and not touch anything.

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Alright Guys.. Finally Installed the cooler! :) .. I tried cutting out the tray with hacksaw but didnt work out. Fortunately I have a wielding shop near by my home and i asked the guys whether they can cut it, Guess what?!, they said yes! :) .. So i went down with my cabinet and cut out the necessary part and i was able to install all the necessary kits for the cooler.. So after re-installing the motherboard, had to do cable management once again! :( since i removed everything from the cabinet before going to the wielding shop. Ok anyway i tried to took some pics.. So here is the final result..



Cabinet after cutting out the tray







After installing motherboard and the necessary cooler kits








Before cable management, without Gpu and without the second fan on the radiator








During Real Temp using Prime 95 Sensor test







Test results and pls tell me which program to trust! and is the test results good?.. is the temperature good?..







I Thank everyone from the bottom of my Heart for helping me out!.. Thank you very much. You guys Rock! :)

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