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1500 - Losing game audio when taking off headset


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I have an issue with game audio (sound effects and/or VOIP) dropping when I remove my 1500 headset to grab a quick drink from the kitchen or answer a question from my wife/kid (they only ask me things when I am gaming...go figure).


I can alt-tab out of a game and surf for longer periods of time without losing audio, so the issue seems to be specific to taking the headset off.


I never had this issue with the onboard sound and wired headphones. It seems specific to the USB headset. Is there a setting or sensor that detects the headset has been removed, and if so can this be adjusted?



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Yes, I can hear audio while the headset is off. Oddly enough it seems to cut out when I pick up the headset and put it back on. This happens with my new 1500 and the HS1 USB it replaced. Which is why I suspected a sensor.


I don't want to go back to onboard audio, but I may have to.

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