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He Peeps,


Got a little problem with the chirping noise on my HX650, happens every 30 to 60 seconds for about 10 to 15 secs.


This first happened in January and my local pc shop replaced it. Got it home and guess what, chirping again exactly like the last model.


The shop told me he has to send it back to corsair to get them to investigate. Two weeks later I get a new HX650 back and before taking it away we test it in his shop and there it goes again chirp chirp chirp....


He now convinces me that this is normal and that if I want a model that makes less noise I have to pay more. I refused and took it home like that...


So I take it home and today I have found these forums and see that I am not the only person with the chirp problem.


After some more browsing I see that the grinding noise on my H60 pump is also a problem that corsair have recognized as a default (grinding dissapears once I drop from 12v to 9v but my cpu temps are higher !!!!


Do you guys send all your dodgy gear to France ??? just kidding..




1. If I create a RMA will I be garantied non defective units that will be tested before shipped ?


2. Who covers shipping costs as I see your European RMA centre is in Holland, UPS Recorded from France is over 30 Euros !!


3. Am I better of just keeping my defective gear ??


Kind Regards,



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  • Corsair Employees

1. Yes, you can always request this when submit your RMA request.


2. You will need to cover the fees to send the PSU back to us and we will take care of the replacement PSU shipping fees. Its actually at Netherlands and not Holland.


3. Its totally up to you, if the chirping is so loud that it is unbearable, then have it replaced. If the chirping is not louder than any of your case fans and the system is stable - then there is no problem keeping it.

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