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Best Setup For 550D


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I've got a Corsair Obsidian 550D case, an Intel i7 3770k cpu, and an EVGA GTX 680 FTW gpu. Currently there are three 120mm fans installed. Two in the front for intake and one in the rear for exhaust. The cpu fan is stock. One of the front fans has a drive cage behind it and both fans are behind a dust filter, plastic cover, and aluminum cover. My question is what would be the best setup with corsair cooling products for my configuration?



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I just bought a 550d. My system ran very hot and from what I could see it was a lack of airflow. I removed the rear fan and replaced it with a 140mm Noctua, and added a 120mm Noctua to the floor opening.


I removed the front plastic cover from the drive cage intakes and that did the trick. Not perfect, but still pretty quiet and much cooler. I would like to replace those fans with something in the future, or maybe add a couple to the inside of the drive cages.


The aluminum door has vents along both sides and there is a vent on the bottom front of the front bezel so good airflow through there.


The side and top panels remain in place.


One thing to note - my video card has a reference cooler and exhausts to the outside of the case. I can imagine heat build up from a non exhaust card would be pretty hefty.


Hope this helps.

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