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K90 Driver "half" installed?


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I am having an infuriating issue with my K90 keyboard-


Everything working fine. I updated my USB hub drivers, reboot, suddenly the keyboard does nothing - no backlight, no anything, not even regular 108 key use.


I can see that my PC sees the keyboard as a K90 in device manager. So I try to re-run the driver install/firmware updater. It says it can't see the keyboard (I have flashed before so this was not due to the USB power settings or anything else - it's always been fine). I decide to grab the latest drivers (hadn't checked for a while) and I get those, run them and it says to uninstall any previous version - ok. I do that. Reboot. Nothing. I do anything with new driver or firmware and it says it can't find the keyboard - so infinite loop.


The interesting thing - my PC still "knows" the device is a K90, but says there's no driver for it so I get nothing. It's like the previous driver uninstall only partially worked. I plug the K90 into a "fresh" machine and it's seen as a plain HID device and works just fine that way, I was even able to flash it on that machine with no issues. But I am unable to get it to NOT be recognized as a K90 on my main machine. I think if I could "reset" that so that Windows just treated it as a plain HID device I'd be fine - but I don't know everything I'd need to do to make that happen.


Further - if thre was just some way to extract the drivers without the ^&*(-ing driver install first looking for the keyboard!!!! I might be able to just do a simple driver update in device manager and get things back that way. But I don't know of a way to just force the extraction.


I have tried this with the old beta drivers (that do extract) but the driver update fails with those drivers.


So - how do I fully nuke ANY knowledge of the K90 at the OS level, so that it can come in as a plain HID allowing me (I assume) to do a regular driver install OR how do I extract the drivers so I can at least test just updating those via device manager?


Anyone? Help!


I am on Win7 64bit BTW

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Tried that. Doesn't work. Device manager complains not valid. Trying to install the INF directly complains "it does not support that method of installation", and running dpinst (not even sure what it does) doesn't help/fix anything.


If those are the same drivers that are in the other package then it seems like I'm still stuck trying to find a way to nuke all traces of the K90 so that it comes in as just a plain HID device(s).


I've found registry keys that refer to it, but they won't let me delete them - and there's a LOT of them so I'm not even sure if I'm getting the right ones regardless.


Thanks for the tip - but it's still no good.

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Thanks again Toasted, but still no go.


Here's how it shows up:




And here's the only thing that comes up when you try to uninstall it:




I'm guessing this is because it can't find a driver for the device, so there's no option to delete it.


Like I said in the initial post - this is like an infinite loop - can't find the drivers, and can't get any drivers installed. I can't seem to "get rid" of the device to allow Windows to just re-detect it cleanly. I'd love it if an official Corsair rep could comment.


EDIT: Meant to add that I've "uninstalled" the device many times - it never seems to do anything. Unplug/replug keyboard and it's immediately recognized as the K90 again - it never prompts for drivers (which you'd think it would if it were truly uninstalled) and is not recognized as a generic keyboard.

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Exchange the keyboard with your retailer Rex if you just got it, otherwise we can replace it for instead through a RMA. It does sound like you may possibly have an issue with the USB itself.
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Hello RAM GUY! A corsair legend!


It's definitely not new :) and normally I'd not turn down a request for an RMA but the keyboard itself - it's totally fine on every other machine I plug it into - meaning machines that have never seen it before or had the K90 specific drivers installed. It happily comes in as a 108-key, backlit keyboard, with media controls - and all of that works.


So, I'm not sure an RMA is the right direction. I'm starting to think my only hope is to nuke my OS and start over - which, I can do that, but I'd rather not go through that hassle just for a keyboard.


RAM GUY- is there any way to get a list or a utility that can "purge" any remnants of the K90 from the registry and/or windows device database? I really think that'll clear this up. I see lots of entries like this throughout the registry:




Likely because I've tried it plugged into every port and/or hub I own to try and fool Windows into seeing it as a plain HID device. But I try to delete those entries I just get an error deleting them. I can see that this is likely due to being system permission only - and I can tweak that, but before I blindly start deleting anything that says Corsair in it I'd rather understand what these entries mean and where to find them all.


Is there any guidance you can provide along that path?

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Gave it a shot Toasted but it doesn't help. Turning off driver installation didn't prevent Windows from seeing the device AS a K90 - it still had no drivers, it just didn't try to go to Windows update to find any. Installation of the Corsair drivers still failed with a "Can't find a K90 - plug it in idiot!" error.


I am gearing up for an OS install if I can't get something figured out in the next day or so.

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