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Hi, I purchase corsair m90 mouse and vengeance ram around Feb 2012. On around Oct 2012, I send my mouse to the seller in kuching,Sarawak, to claim due to middle scroll got problem. It took around 1month to get it claim and and return back to me. My mouse has the same problem and at the same time my ram fail on me . so I send it to the seller on 3rd March 2013, until today I have yet to received both of my stuff and according to the seller, it will be arriving this week.


I would like to know how does Malaysia rma works and does it take so long just to get it claim and receive it. The last claim has been 24days and i dont know whether it will be another 1 month claim for it.


I would appreciate someone can give me some idea on it.

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send my mouse to the seller in kuching,Sarawak

thats not a Corsair RMA, the procedure is to fill out the form (use the RMA Request link on the left) and you would have mailed it directly to an RMA depot.

by returning it to the seller Corsair has no control over the time it takes.

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