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AX 850 failing


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My AX850 is constantly failing on following voltage:





I get warnings while firing up Windows 8.

The computer works, but I find that my Graphics Card and CPU is failing to work properly.

I have FPS Drops, and the CPU only use 50% at full load.


I have researched as much as possible, and the results are the power supply, every time.


My graphics card and my cpu does not go over the wattage that the supply delivers.. How come it fails? Is this a issue I could run through RMA?

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I too am having the same problem as garshol.


From ASUS Suite II I get the following readings:


Vcore: 0.948 - 0.952 volts

+3.3V: 12.192 volts

+12V: 3.360V


Readings on CPU frequency will vary from 1648.1 MHz-->1648.4-->1645.1-->1751.4 volts. System has not reached even the default 3.4 GHz in the last few days.


While this is a new build, I've had the PSU for about a year now without any prior problems.




BTW, Core Temp says that my current CPU frequency is 0.2 GHz:confused:

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Having or using multiple monitoring programs can/will throw off your sensors. Might want to uninstall both of them or all of them , and reinstall just the one you want to use and see if your readings return to normal.


CPU frequency will fluctuate because of turbo boost, but still those readings are off. If the system is stable otherwise, i wouldn't worry too much. The machine wouldn't even boot at 3.36v on the 12v rail.

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