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Weak Subwoofer of my Corsair SP2500


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Hi all,


I just got my new corsair speaker, I try it with my onboard sound card with .flac club music, the bass is very weak for the subwoofer even I turn the subwoofer to the red level and select the EQ and program to pop and dynamic pop. I have read a lot of threads about weak subwoofer, they mostly recommended to get a new separated sound card. So I go get one Creative Audigy value, but there is no big improvement, I could only feel the bass when I turn my volume up to 3/4 and full subwoofer level.


Is it a quality problem of the product, or my soundcard is not good enough to get it fully function?:confused:


Thanks for the reply in advance:!:

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There are two problems... are they normal?


1. I have already set everything, the subwoofer only get works when the subwoofer level reach the Green level; If in the Blue level, the bass is not working.


2. When I turned the volume and bass to the max level and sat near the subwoofer , I still can't get the "BOOM" feeling like in Disco or club.


I think 232 Watts is power enough to shock my heart.


Am I just having an over expectation on the speaker? :sigh!:

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1.) Ignore the color. Keep your subwoofer bass to max and use your audio card properties to adjust the bass instead.


2.) Do you feel air coming out of the subwoofer speaker?



Hi Ram GUY,


I can feel air coming out through the subwoofer hole, so do you mean the speaker is working fine??

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